Real-time Support with Augmented Reality

Simple. Quick. Robust. Live.

Augmented Reality ready-to-use!

The virtual look over the shoulder

i40-Portal is a web application for remote real-time support based on Augmented Reality technology: It allows to fade in images, text or drawings on the display of the user’s mobile device, thus extending the reality presented. Instead of sending an employee to help in the event of a malfunction or consultation, you can now support your customer via our Augmented Reality platform from your desk - conveniently, securely and without any effort.

The only requirement: an Internet connection - and a smartphone or tablet or data glasses.

You need to look at a problem? The installation of a new system is pending?

Support is so easy with i40-Portal, because the installation of an app is not necessary: Step 1: You send a link for establishing an Augmented Reality connection Step 2: One click and you can see and hear what your contact sees and hears Step 3: Now you can instruct him or call up information. And, where necessary, you can add markers, pictures, text or drawings to his field of vision

Start now!!

You are interested in a demonstration? You would like to test i40-Portal? You want to get an individual offer? We take time for your inquiry. We will gladly set up an account for you – for free and without obligation nor limitations. Send us an e-mail to test i40-Portal for 14 days!

Or make an appointment for a presentation and we will show you how to use a highly efficient Augmented Reality solution for your benefit.

Augmented Reality ready-to-use!

Automatic adjustment to any screen size

In order to guarantee user-friendliness, i40-Portal automatically adjusts to the screen size of the device. A custom design for small screens ensures the user experience on all mobile devices.

Good to know: The most frequently asked questions

Does my contact on the other side have to install an app?
No! A standard smartphone is sufficient. You send your contact the link provided by i40-Portal. Immediately after your contact has called up the URL, a connection is established and you can check the situation on site.
What previous knowledge does my customer need to use the system?
No previous knowledge is required. Everybody who uses a SmartPhone can also get along with i40-Portal.
What is the training effort for our employees?
Usually it is enough to read the quick start guide to get familiar with the possibilities of the portal. If required, we also offer 60-minute webinars in which we explain the individual functions and provide individual tips for use.
Can I also use data glasses like the Microsoft HoloLens?
Yes, the connection setup is always identical, regardless of whether a SmartPhone, Augmented Reality data glasses such as the Realwear HMT-1 or a Microsoft HoloLens is used on the opposite side. i40-Portal recognizes the device used and provides the relevant functions, depending on the type of device.
If I decide today, when can I start using the system?
Basically right away: In general, your account will be activated within an hour of receiving your request.
Which costs do I have to expect?
Less than you might think! We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer, just call +49 6421/9915-0 or send a short message.
Contract period? Term of notice?
After the minimum contract period (three or six months) you can cancel the contract on a monthly basis.

High recognition value

The i40-Portal user interface can be customized to match the look and feel of your company. This increases the recognition value and contributes to the identification of your customers with the company.

Quick to learn and easy to use – i40-Portal in a nutshell!

A clear and simple operation characterizes i40-Portal. No computer experience is necessary to work with the system. After your contact person has clicked on the individual link, the system automatically establishes an augmented reality video connection.

No additional login, passwords or PIN are required. Now you can see live what your contact person shows with the help of his mobile device and you can talk about the possible causes for the malfunction or give advice.


No extensive training is required for the use.


Your contact on the other side doesn’t have to install an app.


The connection to external systems such as Salesforce is possible with ease.


Focused on speed and stability since the start of development.


Hosted on a server system located in Germany.


Usable for every company – with 5, 50, 500, 5000 or more employees.


Flexible architecture, which also makes individual extensions possible.


State of the Art.

Extend your support with Augmented Reality!

We will set up an account for you: Thus you can test the system free of charge and without obligation for 14 days. Just send us an e-mail.

Or make an appointment for a presentation and we will show you how to save cost and time! Augmented Reality ready-to-use!